Oracle Cloud MySQL and NoSQL

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Oracle Cloud MySQL and NoSQL

  1. MySQL is second most popular database after Oracle.
    1. Ease of use
    2. Reliability
    3. Performance
  2. MySQL
    1. FREE – Basic components
      1. Data is not secure.
      2. Data recovery is not that easy.
    2. PAID –
      1. MySQL Enterprise Edition
  3. MySQL on third party Clouds
    1. Expensive on Amazon RDS, GCP and Azure
    2. Other vendors are using community edition.
    3. Oracle is using enterprise edition.
  4. MySQL document store – mix and match content
  5. Security
    1. Built on Gen 2 Cloud Infra
    2. Data is encrypted.
    3. Stored on OCI Block Volumes
  6. MySQL monitoring service for monitoring remotely.

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